Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1.Using the Site
  • Posting an Ad

    You should consider following these suggestions to maximise interest in your advert, and to meet more people.

    • You’re better off arranging a group meetup than a one-on-one, there will be less pressure and you will be more relaxed
    • If you can, try to organise a meetup that matches your interests, if someone responds they are probably interested int the same subject
    • If you have an event in mind, post an advert with a proposed location and approximate date “Looking for people to come to Dublin Zoo, around 23/10/2014″
    • Consider meetups like an interviewing process,  there will be some people you’ll connect better with than others
    • Arrange a few meetups, invite the people who responded to the advert attend, if you connected with someone on a previous meetup invite them to attend too
    • It’s unlikely you’re going to end up best friends with everyone you agree to meet on the first meeting, so don’t expect too much, and organise more than one meetup
    • If no one responds to your meetup suggestion, don’t despair! Pick something else that interests you, and try organise something around that.
    • If you’re only interested in meeting people of a certain sex please make that clear, there’s no point wasting anyone’s time
  • Why do email addresses link to a different website

    We use this service to mask people's email addresses. This is a security measure, to protect your email address from spammers and also to add an element of traceability, to record what IP addresses have accessed an email address.

    To see the masked email address, simply click the link and answer the CAPTCHA question, the email address will then be revealed.