Looking for people to hang out with

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  •  Li.Me #52569

      Hi! I am a 20 years old Italian girl got to Ireland to look for a job. I am also looking for some young people to go out and have a chat with, I enjoy going to the cinema, shopping, grab lunches out.
      Just hit me up if you do too. Irish and LGBTQ+ people more than welcomed 😀

    •  Leeny #52586

        Hi, my name is Celine and I am 20 yrs old also. I currently live in Lucan and am also looking for someone to hang out with.

        •  Li.Me #52588

            Hi there 🙂
            It would be great to meet you. Do you have Skype?

        •  mahe094 #52661

            got you . i have tried searching in skype i haven’t found.i want to contact you .if it okay mail me mahesh.gmsr@outlook.com

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