Pia #46963

    Hi Girls,

    not sure if my last comment worked out so I’ll try again. I’m Pia from Austria and 22 as well. I moved to Dublin 1 week ago and I don’t know anyone in the city. I started working this Monday which is great and I’ve already met some nice colleagues. Still I would love to meet some girly girls for girly things as Chantal said – I am up for brunch, lunch, coffee, shopping tours, weekend trips, partying together or just hanging out in the evening at a nice bar with a glass of wine or even a pint. 🙂
    Would be great to have some girly chats as well and explore the city together 🙂 !! Btw I signed up for the pub crawl tomorrow organized by Abbey Courts Hostel – so if anyone is up for a fun night at some pubs and a club just join me ! 🙂
    Feel free to add me on Facebook – PIA GRAF is my name and I’m the one with the black and white photo.
    See you girls, would be great to meet you !!