Daniel #49268

    Hi Mary,

    Not sure if I should be replying to your message….everyone seems to be female…and I’m not (obviously)…so feel a tad weird….so I hope I don’t cause any offense. Anyways, I too am looking to expand my social horizons a tad so thought I’d send ya a message.
    I’m 31. I lived in Kildare a few years back but am living in the city center now coz I moved in with the fiancee. I work as a teacher in a school in Meath. Had loads of friends from school/college but they have all got on with life, some have moved away and I’m looking to expand my social horizons a tad. I quite enjoy heading out to all types of events (musics festivals, cinema, theatre, etc…anywhere really). Not so much of a nightclub person….but I do enjoy a drink and get-together in the pub now and again. I’ve never been on this site before so not sure how it works so I’ll just leave you my email address if you want to get in touch: http://scr.im/3fbo
    Take care.