Re: I need to speak english!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Hi Adeline,
    I find some job in Dublin (ect.Au-pair), but now I live in Czech Republic, and it is not easy for find my job. Do you thing that you can help me? I would like if you answer on my mail: [email protected]
    Thank you very much


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    I am french and I am leaving in Dublin since 3 weeks. I am 22. Iam “au pair” and It ‘s not the better way to meet lot of poeple. So I want to want to meet poeple to discover irish culture, to enjoy the liffe in Dublin, to speak english( I need to perform my english!!!!!!!!!!!!!).

    If you have some informations for me………..

    If you are new to Dublin……….

    If you are in the same situation………..