Re: Looking for Friends in GALWAY

 VotteGramma #12564

    hey everyone. my name is brett and i live in galway, about 45 minutes from the city. i have been living here for 2 years. i am originally from america (philadelphia, pennsylvania) and am now permanently living here. i am married to an irish girl. dont know how to say this, but im not really the typical american. im pretty modest and tend to keep to myself. i fit in really well with the irish/british culture. i havent really met anyone here in 2 years, aside from my wifes friends. i work from home, so dont get a chance to meet people too often. i am 29 years old, really into music, history (especially WWII), lifting and fitness, and whisk(e)y. not really into going on the lash anymore. i get much more enjoyment out of having a few whiskey’s and good conversation. pearl jam is my favorite band, but my musical taste is very diverse. i tend to stay away from rap, r&b, country, etc.. i guess you can say im an indie, britpop, rock kind of guy. anyways, just thought i would post on here. its hard not having good friends around. my wife works nights a lot, so im usually here with just the cats and dog, haha.