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    see below:

    Your landlord must, by law, ensure that your home complies with certain minimum standards (e.g. free from damp, in good structural repair, hot and cold water, adequate means of heating and ventilation, appliances in good working order, electrical wiring, gas, pipes in good repair). If your home does not comply with these standards, report it to your local authority or the Private Residential Tenancies Board. An inspection will be carried out and the landlord ordered to do any necessary repairs. Contact Threshold, the Private Residential Tenancies Board or your local authority for further advice.


    The landlord is obliged to carry out repairs except where damage beyond normal wear and tear has been caused by the tenant.

    If there are serious problems, which pose health or safety risks, such as vermin, problems with water, sewage or electrical or structural problems, contact your local authority.


    Details of when and how payments for services are to be made must be set out in full in your rent book e.g. direct debit, meter, bill etc. All payments made must be receipted in full in the rent book, or by written receipt. Electricity and gas coin meters are set at a standard rate. If you think that the setting is too high, check it with the ESB or the Gas Co. landlords should not charge more than the standard rate for electricity and gas. They are entitled to recover the standing charge but not by including it in the calibration of the meter.

    In some areas it is the practice of the ESB not to put the electricity account in a tenant’s name unless the tenant has a lease for a minimum period of one year.

    A landlord is not entitled to disconnect the power or water supply.”

    the things are getting better because we made them to feel scared of us, compared with the neighbors, which they didn’t say to much like they don’t even care, we tried to call for few days , but suprise, nobody there , so we went and talk with the manager, who already knew the problem very well, and she sent in that moment somebody to see the condition, of the hole, and she said that they paid for the rubbish, a fee like 1200 euro, nice no? so i hope the problems will be solved in the near future