Re: Problems regarding rent

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    please keep us updating about ur problem

    hello again,i’m coming wit bad news offcourse, that seemed to be a false alarm,we called prtb , somewhere this week we will go to them to see what we can do, last night a fellow upstairs was taking shower, and we could do it in the living-room with the same water:*( , Jesus, he had waterfall for about 15 minuts in the living room, not so many people are lucky like us, last week the manager said that they paid the garbage , but it wasn’t picked up, who’s a liar ,
    Realy is very upseting, when i’m coming from work instead of relax, i have to mop the floor, and also another thing that is very bad
    the water is going on the electrichal lines, we can burn like rats if is happening in the night time
    bye all the best,and for the people that they didn’t a house yet i advise them to be very careful and don’t go to ARKON:mad: