Re: Problems regarding rent

 Anonymous #9550

    if you are renting the property from an agent, did you not sign off a document about the property conditions when you moved in? this document would make sure that the property should be in a good conditions before handed to you.
    to be honest with you, some agents are not doing anything even though there are things needed to be fixed in the house.i have met once when i move down to cork and had a very terrible experience, so i just now get away from agency as hard as i could. by in the other hand, i found there is some great agency indeed,which i experienced once as well (but just before the unlucky one)
    anyway, if i were you, i would go through every single lines of the contract,see whether or not can find anything to force them to do something.
    if you are deciding to terminate the lease, you have to make sure you will get your deposit back-talk to the people in threshold see HOW you can terminate the contract in order to get all your deposit back. but before this, you can seek for help from ” threshold national housing” before go to PRTB.

    but to be honest with you, if it looks like a normal wear and tear damage, i dont think they will go and re paint the wall for you, and if the hole doesnt cause a danger for living there, i would doubt that they will send epople to get it fixed. as for rubbish, it should be in your contract/agreement stating that who is responsible for the bins.
    do keep the photos in case they retain your deposit by saying it was you who caused the damage. and ask for deposit receipt and montly rent receipt