Re: Where Are My Friends! :) Looking for Nice People in Dublin Area.

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    @xenomorpheusz 11888 wrote:

    Hi Hi Hi!

    I am 27 years old, full of optimism and life typical human figure 🙂 I moved to Dublin area some time ago and i would like to meet some nice people “for better or for worse”.
    I myself am very friendly, committed and faithful in relation to friends, I do not like snobbery and lans and I’m looking for similar, honest people.

    Oh… of course… i live in village very close to Dublin, so lets meet up in this beautiful town 🙂

    Now… answer my post or leave pm. 🙂
    See you soon 🙂

    Hello 🙂 .. I was searching for something on the net and found this page by accident… and i really like your message… so i thought i give u a shout. Im 21years old girl from the Czech Republic and I moved to Dublin 2 months ago… I have already been there few times before… and I just felt in love with this country and local people I moved there for good. 🙂
    I really would like to meet you so If you feel like you wanna meet me.. you can find me on FB ..(my email address: [email protected])