20 something\'s gig buddies:)

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  •  Lizzy #46876

      Hi everyone! My name is Lizzy and I’m 23. Living in Dublin nearly all my life. I have a few close friends but in the past few years I’ve developed fairly different interests to them and a lot of others have emmigrated:( Basically I’m obsessed with live music (my taste revolves around TXFM, think indie, alt, electo, rock ha), love the workmans/grand social/bernard shaw for a drink and always up for decent food and coffee:) Would love to make new friends with similar interests so feel free to message me!

    •  Lizzy #46877

        Oh and my email is http://scr.im/39f1 🙂

      •  Cara #46885

          Hi Lizzy, I am a girl iin Dub in the same boat, mail me

        •  Ste #46897

            Hi Lizzy, Cara,

            Most of my friend have recently gone away to study and work. I am looking to meet new friends too. I am in my 20s. Would love to meet up for coffee, food, drinks etc. My email is http://scr.im/397h. Drop me a mail 🙂

          •  Lizzy #46934

              Hey guys thanks for replying:) Cara what’s your email? Maybe we can try organise something soon:)

            •  Maria #46940

                Hi everybody! My name is Maria I’m 23 and I live in Bray. I love indie and rock music so it would be great to meet you 🙂 this is my mail http://scr.im/39iw

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