21 female is looking for friends in Dublin

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  •  Nici #53123

      Hey girls,

      My name is Nicole and I am 21 years old. I just moved to Dublin because of my work and now I am looking for friends. I like to going out, shopping, coffee and see the country. It would be really nice to meet some new people and making friends. If you would like to do something with me I am happy to receive a message 🙂

    •  MihaiR #53127

        Hi Nicole

        You sound awesome! Just the kind of things I like to do especially explore new places. I am off college for now and I have plenty of time to hang out

        Let me know if you’d like to meet up. I’m a guy and 19 by the way.

        See you!

        •  wb2103 #53164

            Hi Nicole

            I’m Weronika, 22

            I’m going to college here in Dublin

            I’d love to go for coffee sometime, let me know if you’re interested ☺️

        •  Stephanie sbrissa #53133

            Hi! My name is Stephanie, im 24 and I just moved to Dublin! I would be happy to meet with you, you seem to have the same interests as I do! 🙂

          •  oconquo #53146

              I will like to know more about you,my name is Emmanuel from portlaoise am 30 . Hopefully to hear from you. Thanks

            •  Ignaz #53185

                Hey guys ! Im new in town as well. Im argentinian but i have been transfered here for working purposes. Im into meeting new people and going out. just text me and we can hang out 0851606620 . thanx

              •  katxo #53266

                  Hi Nicole, Im not new to Dublin but just looking for some new mates! If you wanna hang out sometime heres my email [email protected].

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