21 yo female looking for friends in Dublin. Early-mid 20s

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  •  rebecca21 #53720

      Hi there 😊 I’m Rebecca, a 21 yo masters student living in Dublin. New(ish) in Dublin and am looking for girlie friends to meet up with for chats, coffee, partying etc. I love reading, shopping, music and travelling! Let me know if you’d like to meet up sometime ☺️

    •  katxo #53747

        Hi Rebecca, Im 22 student in dublin, looking for the same really. We should meet up for a coffee etc 🙂

      •  Asian-Chocoholic #53753

          Hi Rebecca! Mae here 🙂 I’m 22 and I just graduated (straight to work) but my friends have either drifted away or live in another country. I love travelling/languages and coffee. It’d be nice to meet up sometime.


        •  KimC95 #53794

            Hi Rebecca! I’m Kim 🙂 I’m 22, originally from Monaghan but I am living and working in Dublin City!

            Looking to make new friends in and around Dublin, if you would like to meet up for coffee let me know! 🙂


          •  chrisj99 #53803

              Hi Rebecca. I’m Chris and I’m 25. Looking to meet new people too

            •  N9271 #53850

                Hi guys, I’m 25 (male) and from Dublin. Graduated from college last year and am now working. If any of ya want a chat or to meet up to have a coffee ya can contact me here [email protected].

              •  HannaPurplee #53852

                  Hi! I’m a 26 year old female living in Sweden, but I will be in Dublin on a weekend soon(the 9th of february-12th of february), if you would like to go out and party with me on friday or saturday that weekend I’m up for it! 😀 I’m traveling alone and only know one person in Dublin.

                  Have a great week!

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