22 year old au pair in need of friends near Blackrock that are not children!

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  •  Briana #47051

      Hello! I’m 22 years old and have just moved to Blackrock from San Francisco as an au pair, and I would love to find some people to hang out with after I get off work and to go into city centre or to some other towns on the weekends. My mom is from Galway, so I have spent most of my summers over there, but I haven’t really gotten the chance to really get to know Dublin, so I would love to find some people who want to try new places and just really explore the city, as well as the rest of the county! I just need some adults conversation after I’ve spent 9+ hours with 3 children haha It’s also a bit intimidating to explore an unfamiliar city on your own, so I would definitely be a lot more comfortable having someone else with me. I would prefer people around my age, so like 19 or 20 to probably mid-late twenties. Females, Males, whatever. As long as you’re not creepy, crazy, or something else along those lines, I’d love to meet you.
      Thank you!!! 😀

    •  Pavel #47052

        I am 28 and i am looking for new friends in Dublin, i would like to meet people with passion and go to pub, for a walk or jogging…

      •  Mattia #47062

          my name is Mattia, I’m Italian, 30yo and I moved to Dublin recently. I am trying to meet new friends too. If you want, email me at http://scr.im/39rs.

        •  Ste #47064

            Heya Briana,

            I am in my 20s and based in South Dublin. I am trying to meet new people and make new friends for hang outs, coffees, drinks etc. If you are interested, here’s my email http://scr.im/397h

            Looking forward to hearing from ya!

          •  Laura #47072

              Hey Briana!

              Im 23, from kildare , recently moved to dublin and know no one really! I was an au pair in australia last year minding 3 kids and deeear god it is THE HARDEST thing to do!

              Especially knowing no one to chill out with and do things after. Very daunting to try meet people when you hang around minding children all day!

              If you wanna do somethin or meet up for a (relatively!) Grown up chat give me a buzz! If I dont hear from you then I hope all goes well for you here 🙂

            •  Emalee #47078

                Hi! My name is Emalee, I’m 20, and I’m coming to Dublin for the summer. May-August. I know thats a super long time away but i”d love to have friends around my age that live there. I actually looked in to being an Au Pair and I decided against it just because I work at a daycare now and I don’t think I could handle not having people around my age there. It’d kill me hahahaha. BUUUT anyways, if you’d like to chat, I have twitter, Facebook, and tumblr so just shoot me a reply! Have a good one 🙂

              •  Hayley #47091

                  Hey Briana! I just moved to Blackrock in April to be an au pair also from the countryside of Ireland, I’m 19 and would love to meet up with you as I don’t know many people around here to hang out with.. that aren’t kids as you said! haha Hopefully hear from you soon! 🙂

                •  shaun #47104

                    Hey Briana,

                    I dont envy you working with children haha.
                    I only recently moved back to the southside, not alot of familiar faces here any more, still hang out with 3 or 4 lads but I’m always looking for new friends, if you guys ever wanna meet up with us for some drinks or wanna check out dublin nightlife. We normally socialise around the.dun laoghaire, deansgrange area. My Mail http://scr.im/3a2h. I’m 25 myself, but we are aged 23 – 25.


                  •  Susan #47116

                      Hey Briana!
                      I hope you are doing well over here! I am 21, grew up in Dublin, but still have yet to explore the city properly! I would love to make some new friends and have some fresh conversation and experiences.
                      I really hope everything works out for you 🙂

                    •  Matt #47947

                        Hi I too am from blackrick been here about 6 months and I am English I have moved here and left lots of friends behind would be great too meet some new freinds in the area do you know the dark horse pub I go there sometimes would be great too meet up for drinks

                        •  Becca #48057

                            Hey I’m 22 also, just moved to Dublin! and all my friends have just scattered accross the world!
                            Would love to meet some people to hang out with, not just for drinks but some cool activities too!

                            Anyone who is interested – feel free to give me an email! 🙂 http://scr.im/3bl8

                          •  james3028 #48139

                              Popular page ya’ll! 23 from england looking simply to enjoy life in Dublin, but it’s proving a struggle! Give me a shout anybody. I used to be a child though so don’t hold that against me Briana.

                          •  Roosa #47997

                              hey! i live near Dublin and looking for someone to hang out in Dublin or do some trips to other towns 🙂 i have been here 3 weeks working as an aupair. feel free to contact me http://scr.im/3c8n

                            •  Margaret #48140

                                Hey I’m 21 aswell up for the same chats and nights out! Do you guys have an email mines http://scr.im/3cu8

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