22 year old female from US moving to Dublin looking for female friends 20s-30s

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      Hello, everyone. My name is Kenzie and I am moving to Dublin on July 8th. Originally from the US, I have lived in Wales for the last six months with my husband in his hometown of Cardiff. My interests include reading, writing, history, folklore & mythology, and spirituality. I enjoy learning about cultures and languages, and I have studied Welsh, Japanese, and French. For work, I write online freelance articles, and in my free time I write novels.

      I would love to meet some friends who enjoy deep conversation but who I can also relax and have fun with. I would love a nice balance of chatting over tea/coffee and going out for drinks. I am a bit of an “old soul,” so I would be glad to have a friend older than myself. It would be great to make some Irish friends and immerse myself in Irish culture, but I would also enjoy meeting some fellow immigrants.

      Please let me know if you are interested in chatting! 🙂

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