23 f Dublin City looking for friends to hang out with

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  •  Zoedaisy23 #46608

      Hiya. Living in Dublin a while and I love it. I love yoga and exercise and would love someone to go to classes with me as I’ve been too shy to do it on my own.

      I also love going for drinks, cinema, coffee and I have a cute little dog so if you have a dog too and fancy taking them on walks together that would be cool 🙂

      Also love love love shopping and if you do too then we will definitely get on well 🙂

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    •  Mara #46610

        Hi there! I have pretty much the same hobbies and im your age too, where can i email you? 🙂

        •  Zoe #46712

            Hey!catch me at zoeenya at hot mail dot co dot uk

        •  Coral Thomson #46728

            Hi Zoe,

            I moved over from England last week for work and literally know no one so feeling a bit lost! I turn 23 next week and also have a very naughty dog who I miss as she is with my parents back in England so it would be great to go on a dog walk as I miss doing that! I am into fitness (most of the time) and have joined a Bootcamp in order to meet people. Maybe give me a Facebook message if you want to meet for coffee/a glass of wine? Also I LOVE shopping!

            Coral 🙂

          •  LeeChulHan #46735

              hello nice to meet you i am.from.korea 🙂
              i want to be good friend to you 🙂
              i need friend too . hahaha
              if you are okay just send me message thank you
              i want to be your good friend :)have a nice day

            •  Joe #46863

                Hello to everyone here,

                My name is Joe and I’m 24 from the US and will be in Dublin for at least a year getting a masters in Biomedical Engineering. I have been in Dublin for a few weeks now and haven’t really met many new people as of yet due to prepping for class and learning my way around and settling in. Although I can’t say shopping or yoga are hobbies of mine as compared to seeing and experiencing new things and meeting new people are things I’d be more up to. I do have to admit though, this online approach is a bit awkward and new to me as far as meeting people goes, but if anyone is interested in meeting up, feel free to contact me. No need to be shy.

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