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  •  B1993 #49122

      Hey Guys!

      I’m 23 years old and just moved to Dublin. It’s trickier than I thought it would be to make friends up here, and the majority of the people I am hanging out with are moving abroad soon! šŸ™

      Looking for new pals to go for coffee, drinks, activities, exploring etc. I’m big into the outdoors, music, socialising, festivals and the odd rave. Looking for male or female friends, ideally in early to mid twenties who are up for a good laugh!

      Feel free to get in touch! šŸ™‚

    •  Misk #49123

        Dear Friends,

        I’m Misk willing and interesting to have a friend in other country.



      •  Paul #49137


          Im Paul im 25, love exploring new places,trying new things and socialising. Im from Dublin myself and just looking to meet some new people with similar interests to meet up with for coffee, drinks and have some crack.Many of my friends are engaged and working 24/7 jobs so its few and far between these days. (PS. my email is not SPAM I have just had the same one since I was 12 šŸ˜€ šŸ˜€ haha)

          Feel free to say Hey

          Email http://scr.im/3f3t

        •  Tanja #49149


            I’m also trying to make new friends as all of mine are leaving Ireland. I’m Tanja and 22. I just finished an Erasmus term at ucd and I’ll be staying for an internship over summer. I like going to town for a cup of coffee or just wander around Dublin bay on a sunny day.

            Hope to hear from you,

          •  Anonymous #49211

              Hi B1993,

              Just signed up for this site and been looking at some of the post and thought yours felt pretty relatable to. I moved to dublin 2 years ago, in college now, and definitely trick to find friends that are like minded. Since I started college later than most irish people everyone feels younger and Im finding that that makes it a bit hard to connect with them. Anyways I also like outdoors activities, having fun, “chilling”, and Im also very into music (specifically techno) and the odd rave as you say. Although for me its usually more common than the odd one hah.
              It would be nice to meet up sometime if youre up for it, its hard to describe oneself here..
              Let me know


            •  Kyle #49223


                I’m 22, living in Dublin and looking to make some new friends, so feel free to send me an email if you want to get to know each other. Email: http://scr.im/3f9j

              •  maks #49281

                  hi. I’m also having difficulty finding new freands especialy since all mine settled with gf and children.. would love to meet and have a drink sometime. send me a text šŸ™‚

                •  Becca #49290

                    Hey Ebber ! What’s your email?? šŸ™‚

                    •  Anonymous #49291

                        Hey, its http://scr.im/3feg or ebber24 at kik if you have that šŸ™‚ (are you the original poster btw?)

                    •  Isabel #49313

                        Hi everyone,
                        I am Isabel, 22 years old. I arrived in Dublin yesterday and I will stay for six weeks. I am here for an internship and since I dont know anyone I would like to meet some people to go to things with for example cultural things or going to a pub and stuff like this.
                        Since the European cup is on maybe there are people that would like to go watch some games. Since I am from Germany i will watch the German games but I also enjoy watching any other game.
                        If you are interested in meeting please email me to http://scr.im/3fgz.
                        See you!

                      •  Lizzy #49408

                          Hey there! Would definitely like to get in touch šŸ™‚ Love music, festivals and raves!! My email is http://scr.im/39f1

                        •  Aoife #49415


                            Also 23, I’m in a similar situation – moved to Dublin for work and don’t really know how to go about making new friends. Pretty much looking for the same thing – someone to go for coffee with, go on adventures, go out for drinks etc.
                            Love festivals, raves and music too so I think we’d get along šŸ™‚

                            Sure give me an email if you’re interested : http://scr.im/3fvi

                          •  Catherine #49454

                              Hi b1993 I’m Catherine 😄, I’m 24 years old! A lot of my friends have moved abroad so there is very little for me to do anymore, so am looking for new friends! I love doing all the things you mentioned, especially the festivals and raves, I’ve been to a few festivals already this year and they were great! Contact me if you are up for meeting up 😄

                              •  Debbys #51515

                                  Hello Catherine, it’s the same for me !
                                  Do you have an email adress or something ?
                                  Will be nice ! Have a good evening

                              •  Katie Louise #50016

                                  Hi, Iā€™m Katie. Iā€™m based in Dublin, 21 years old love coffee, drinks music socialising and reading books. If people are available, Iā€™d love to chat and find out more about you! :] my email is below.


                                •  Sophie #51456


                                  •  Bea #51486

                                      Hi guys! I’m Bea, 25 and I’ve been in Dublin a few months now, but It’s actually difficult to get to know new people! I’d love to go out for a coffee and a chat and make new friends!
                                      Do not hesitate to contact me!

                                      •  B #51594

                                          Hey Bea – what’s your email?! šŸ™‚

                                      •  Smiley.1 #51503

                                          Hey I’m Shauna, 21, student and live in Dublin.
                                          I’d love to make some new friends as I’m tired of the same old routine in my life. I love going for coffee, shopping, gym, makeup and fashion.

                                          Feel free to send me an email at [email protected] if you’d be happy to meet up for a coffee or a drink šŸ™‚

                                        •  Tylergn #51514

                                            Hey there! I’m 22 and traveling through Ireland solo. I’d be happy to meet up and do coffee or some walking while I’m here! Let me know if you’re interested!

                                          •  Yami #51596

                                              Hey B! I’m Yasmine, 21 years old and since 2 months in Dublin. I went already to some CouchSurfing Events which I really enjoyed but most of the people are travelling, so I want to meet people who live here too. If you’re ever free for a drink or coffee and want to meet me, you can write me. My email is [email protected]!

                                            •  Eoin #51600

                                                B you should try district 8 for the odd rave it’s a cool spot

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