23 male looking for male friends with similar interests in Kildare/Dublin

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      Hey all, I’m 23yo, gay and living in Kildare, but working in Dublin. I’m happily in a relationship and have some great close friends, but the majority of them are female and wouldn’t really have an interest in a lot of the things that I like. I used to be pretty quiet and awkward during school/college and as such, didn’t really get opportunities to make many friends.

      I love music (pretty much all genres except metal, but will give anything a chance) and love hearing new acts. I love gaming, specifically Nintendo (Pokémon, Zelda and Smash Bros mainly) and it would be great if someone else had similar interests, as right now I don’t know anyone who also likes the same thing. I also love TV and movies and like going to the cinema when I can. Also love seeing new places. I don’t mind going for pints or on a night out, but I’m not a big drinker so it wouldn’t be my thing to do on a regular basis. I should probably say that I’m really not a sport fan; Just never been my thing!

      As I said, I’m primarily looking for male friends, but after that I don’t mind. Age, sexual orientation, religion etc. is no big deal to me, as long as you’re nice and openminded! I’ve found that some straight guys find me to be too “feminine”, while some gay guys find me too “masculine” (their words), so it would be nice to have a mate who didn’t care as much about labels!

      That’s enough rambling for me anyway ha… Hope to hear from you! 🙂

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