24 looking for female friends dublin

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  •  Louisek #52650

      Hey girls ,

      I’m new to this so not sure what I’m doing 😂 But I live on the northside of dublin and are looking for girl pals to have fun with. Lunchs cinema days nights out etc 😊 So if you’s want give me a shout 😌

    •  Skola #52669

        Hi, I’m Skola from Kenya and new in Ireland,I live near drogheda and I’m looking for some friends to hang out with during the weekends, if available please reply. [email protected]

      •  Li.Me #52671

          Hi Louisek

          I am 20 years old from Italy, living in Dublin northside as well, I like cinema, lunches out, shopping. If you want to have a chat my Skype is Liana M. or you can text me on here. Hope to talk to you 🙂

        •  Sinéad #52702

            Hi Louisek,

            I am 26 and living near Blanchardstown. Also looking to meet new friends…:)


            •  Li.Me #52704

                Hi there. I am Liana, 20, living in Dublin, would like to meet new people, if interested give me a text 🙂

              •  Faizan #52735

                  Hi li and sinead,

                  I share the same interests. 24 guy as well.

                  Reach me out [email protected] if you’d like 🙂


                •  Louisek #52936

                    Hey sinead I live near blanchardstown iswell if u wanna email me [email protected] 😃

                    •  KayleighM #52947

                        Hey LouiseK I do be in blanch most weekends (bf lives there) I’m 21 and also looking for new friends 🙂 x

                        •  Louisek #52955

                            Hey aw that’s good were are you from 😊 X

                          •  KayleighM #52957

                              I live in crumlin myself, but make the trek out out to him every second weekend haha x

                      •  Carli92 #52728

                          Hello I am Catharina I am 24 years old and I am from Austria, I moved last week to dublin to work. I would like to meet new people to go out as well as shopping cinema etc. I would love to hear from you 🙂

                        •  edel1111 #52741


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                          •  Sogirly #52778

                              Same! Looking for girlfriends somehow similar to me – I love shopping, coffee, chats, makeup, going out and dancing all night.

                              Snapchat: thewhitemocha

                              •  Louisek #52942

                                  Hey I love all .them iswell a good night ou.t Dancing makes everything better ha email me if you like [email protected] 😃

                              •  nikky #52792

                                  Hi Louisek

                                  I’m looking to make some new friends as well. I’m 22 and I want some pals to go on nights out and have fun with. I’m originally from Moldova but have been living in Dublin for the past 10 years or so. Anyone interested can email me at [email protected]

                                •  Mirjana #52796

                                    Hi, I am new in Dublin also, and looking for friends to hang out during free time and weekends.
                                    I am 26 years old and I came to Dublin to work and live.
                                    If you want to hang out with me please let me know
                                    my mail is [email protected]
                                    Looking forward to meet new friends.

                                  •  HannaPurplee #52800

                                      Hi! I just wrote on the start page, but I will try writing you here too! I hope you are fine and I am a 26 year old female looking for friends in Dublin when I go there for studies in september! If you want to talk more you may add me on kik maybe, or just answer my ad on the start page 🙂

                                    •  Nouch #52932

                                        Hey Louise k, I am Ina and I am 24. I’m living in the north side too and I am looking for some friends to hang out with ( coffee, shopping, …).
                                        Don’t hesitate to reply :))

                                      •  Clst #52963

                                          I’m 20, looking for exactly the same thing. Let me know

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