24 year old female, moving to Galway–looking for friends!

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  •  JackieG #54087

      Hi! I’m from the USA and I’m moving to Galway for school at the end of the summer. Hoping to get in contact with a few people, chat a bit, and look forward to meeting when I finally arrive. I’m about to study medicine, so I’m a science geek. And a geek in general. I love reading, tea, museums, and shopping. I’m always down to go out to eat or just stay in to watch Netflix with takeout (Sherlock, anyone?). I’m a wealth of information on useless facts. Never met a steak I didn’t like, but haven’t drank a beer in my life. I’ve heard I’ll have to work on that… A little awkward and quiet sometimes, but friendly and genuinely kind ^_^

    •  zac #54100

        Hi I live an hour from Galway. Welcome to Ireland. Feel free to contact me

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