25, looking for female friends in north dublin

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  •  Gemma1991 #52948

      Hi, I just started this up so not sure what im doing, just looking for some female friends around my age from the north Dublin area to hang out with, just to do the usual things have chats, go for drinks, cinema or anything.

    •  Clst #52965

        Hey, just joined this😃 I would definitely be up for new adventures and such. I love going out and doing new things.
        I’d love to hear back from u
        @[email protected]

      •  Shruti #52992

          Hi, I am Shruti. I am 25 as well and looking for female friends to hang out etc.

        •  Nouch #53000

            Hey Girls!

            I am definitely interested. I am living in the north of Dublin, precisely Clarehall.
            I am 24 and interested in chat, coffee,going out, shopping.

            Holla at me 🙂

            •  Clst #53011

                Hey, what’s Ur email so we can chat there

            •  KayleighM #53054

                Hey Gemma, I’m the same but I live closer to town if that’s alright

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