25 year old lad looking to make new friends in Dublin

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  •  N9271 #53811

      Hey guys, I’m from Dublin and looking to branch out and make new friends to hang out with. Always interested in meeting new people so if interested, drop me a reply.

    •  danny1234wba #53824

        Hi there,

        I just posted my own post and then seen yours.

        Im 27, English and moving over next month.

        Tell me a bit about you then,


      •  Skipp #53828

          I’m in the same boat as you and I’m from here as well. I am having trouble replying to your ad, tried a few times.

          •  danny1234wba #53830

              Ok mate.

              Email me.

              [email protected]

            •  N9271 #53844


                What’s your email or is there a private messaging function on this?

                Also, what age are ya?

                •  Moby #53848

                    There’s no pm. I couldn’t even contact a mod. I’m a 32 year old guy. I managed 3 replies in the end although only 1 seemed to work. It doesn’t let me post an e-mail or even certain sentences or question marks. I had to make a new account to contact, try giving me yours.

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