28 y/o female looking for friends in Cork/City. Males and females! :)

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  •  Wandererg92 #54602


      My name is Zoe, I’m a 28 year old female from London and I’ve just moved to Cork.

      I’ve been travelling for the last few years (Australia and Canada), but this is a permanent move for me.

      I know we’re on lockdown at the moment, but the end is near (hopefully!) and I’m hoping to make friends to enjoy time with when we can.

      I’m very chilled, I love exploring, reading, socialising and working out.

      Please feel free to send me a message, I’d love to chat to you if you’re looking for something similar.

      Speak soon,
      Zoe 🙂

    •  ukkomies #54604

        Hi there Zoe,

        Fellow male Brit here living in the Cork area. Just reaching out to say hi 😀 Am in my early 40’s so not sure if the age gap is too big for you.

        Drop me an email at [email protected] if you would like to chat privately – am not too keen on putting my personal details here on the Internet for all to see ha ha.

        Bye for now.

      •  Aoife J #54664

          Hi Zoe!
          I’m Aoife and I’m also new to Cork – moved here at the start of 2020.
          I’m 31 and from Australia (although half Irish).
          I’m very much into the same things mentioned above especially cooking, food, travel, arts and more.
          Feel free to email me to chat more – keen for post-lockdown life as well 😊

          •  Wandererg92 #54666

              Hey Aoife,

              What terrible timing we both had for the move! 🤣

              I’d love to chat more 😊 I’m not sure how to message you directly but feel free to add me on Facebook (if that works for you)? Search Zoe McQuaid (my location is still set to Byron Bay so you’ll know it’s me)

              Speak soon,
              Zoe xoxo

          •  Wandererg92 #54667

              Hey Aoife,

              I did post a response but not sure that it went through 🤣

              I’d love to chat more! Add me on Facebook … Zoe McQuaid. My location is still set to Byron Bay so you’ll know it’s me 😊

              Speak soon,
              Zoe xoxo

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