29, looking for friends in Cork

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  •  JenR #52018

      Hi, I’m 29 and living in Cork just over a year. Im looking for friends to hang out with, walk, shop, coffee or just a chat. It’s very hard to find time to find new friends and I find myself going from work to home. There’s a lot going on in Cork that i probably don’t know half of it. If anyone is in the same boat, let me know 🙂

    •  Ci29 #52047

        Hey 🙂 I’m the same – just moved back here from Dublin. All my friends are married/have kids & are rarely around. Email me if you want 🙂 [email protected]

      •  carolc130 #52049

          Hiya girlies im living in Cork and im 27, i am looking for a new friwnd or two to hang out with , go for a coffee and a chat, cinema, usual stuff really, unfortunately most of my friends have moved away so very few left around! What part of Cork are ye from? 😊 x

          •  Ci29 #52052

              I’m from near Ballincollig. How about you guys?

              •  Catsby25 #52460

                  Hi girls, ya I’m in the same boat, looking for like minded ppl to hang out with, shopping, nites out etc. feel free to mail me on [email protected]. Would love to hear from ye 😊 Cheers!!

              •  Dannie200 #52215

                  Hi same boat,give me a text om 0852485165

              •  carolc130 #52057

                  Aww same here only about ten mins from ballincollig 😊😊

                •  Laura_lane #52153

                    Hi Jen, I Arrived to Cork 3 weeks ago And I am in the same situation. I live un city center And I want to know girls to drink coffe, shopping, to meet the weekend. Send me a message

                  •  Anonymous #52173

                      hey guys ! i live in city center and free during evening and on weekends.. we all can meet up someday 🙂 drop me a message if anyone is free : [email protected]

                    •  Nava #52285

                        Hello people,

                        Living in Cork since 2 yrs. I am 26, Easy going and friendly guy. I am looking for friends to hang out and travel around Ireland. I would also love to join for a couple of pints or any gigs in the city center.

                        Please drop me a line at [email protected]

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                        • This reply was modified 6 years, 12 months ago by  Nava.
                      •  Rachel maria #52622

                          Hey my name is Rachel . Looking to meet new friends in cork .

                        •  Ani #53149

                            Similar situation! In my 30s though. Any of you ladies live just outside of the city? And still looking to meet new friends?

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