30 y/o new friends around midlands (Dublin/Athlone/Longford/Mullingar)

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  •  fiddlestix #53728


      I’d love to meet new people and get out more so thought I’d give this a try. I love a good night out, going for dinner, shopping etc. The friends I do have are either studying or loved up so just trying to broaden my circle. I love going for weekends away and usually do something every few weeks so distance isnt an issue. Hope to meet some likeminded people.

    •  K8 #53729

        Hi fiddlestixs,

        I hope you are well? Have you had much response from your ad?? I’ve just registered today! Where are you from?

        Chat soon,


        •  fiddlestix #53735

            Hi Katie

            Great to hear from you. I only signed up this evening myself. I’m from mullingar but I work in Dublin so travel around a bit. How about you? Heres my email address [email protected]


        •  Niamh123 #53740

            Hi Aisling,
            I’m working in Mullingar, but from near Athlone. Would love to make some new friends in the area.
            Best wishes,

            •  fiddlestix #53741

                Hi Niamh

                Thanks for the reply. That’s handy. I go out in Athlone a fair bit and im living in mullingar. Heres my email address we should arrange a meet up 🙂 [email protected]


            •  jessica #53880

                Hi girls. I live in athlone too and would really like to meet new people! Please contact me at [email protected] to chat more
                Looking forward to hearing from you

              •  eiree #54057

                  Hello Ladies,

                  I am in Roscommon but not far from Athlone. I would be interested in meeting up if you are organising anything?

                  I moved to the area a year ago but I know very few people yet!!

                  Let me know if your interested,


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