30s/40s ladies looking to met up for a few cocktails

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  •  wendy #47083

      Hi ladies I’d love to met up with a few ladies to make new friends over a few cocktails if ur up for a bit of a laughter and a good chat just send a message r email and hopefully we can sort out a night soon thanks bye for now

    •  Lorna #47084

        Hi Wendy, I’m lorna 31 and new to Dublin if you’d still like to meet up for drinks I’d be happy to. Still not met many ppl as I moved to a small town so not much opportunity other than the other halves and talking football:/

      •  wendy #47088

          Hi Lorna how r u where r u living

        •  wendy #47124

            Hi Lorna will next week be ok for u email me talk soon

          •  orla #47125

              Hi Wendy, I’m meeting a friend in town saturday night and maybe some other friends of hers for drinks and dancing. Your welcome!

              •  wendy #47160

                  Hi orla thanks a mill but I’m jus over a flu hope u had a good nite

              •  Rona #47130

                  Hi Wendy
                  I’m living in Tallaght.Where do you live?Would love to meet up sometime.Im a mum of 3 age 40 ☺

                  •  Wendy #47154

                      Rona hi how r u I’m in Dublin 15 not to far away from u I have 4 kids would u like to met up this week while the kids r off school email me talk soon

                  •  wendy #47270

                      Ladies here is my number give my a txt 0877576045 talk soon

                    •  mari #47273

                        Hi girls,
                        I ve just arrived to dublin, I am here on holidays and I came alone and I will like to meet people in my trip 🙂

                        •  Rona #47274

                            Hi Wendy
                            I work daily so couldn’t meet on the midterm.Are you on facebook?

                        •  wendy #47277

                            Hi Rona yes I am look for wendie Dyer

                          •  orla #47300

                              Hi Wendy, I could text or e-mail you when Im planning a night out if that suits you

                              •  Wendy #47302

                                  Hiya orla u can txt me if u like r u Facebook I’m hoping to arrange a nite next weekend

                              •  orla #47301

                                  Hi Lorna, Could text you or mail you when I’m planning a night out if interested.

                                •  orla #47310

                                    Hey Wendy, How are you? My e-mail address is : http://scr.im/3aai

                                  •  Wendy #47427

                                      Hi there I was wondering if there are any genuine people out interested in meeting up send me a email thanks

                                      •  Rasa #47472

                                          Hi Wendy, how are you? Please find my e-mail address. Let me know if you interested meeting up. Weekends suits the best. Have a nice evening 🙂

                                      •  Nadia #47459

                                          Hi ladies!

                                          My name is Nadia. I’m 32 yesras old, I’m from Madrid and I’m studyung english in Bray. I woukd like to meet new people for chat, laughing…so if It’s not late I would like to contact with you!! Thanks

                                          •  Wendy #47478

                                              Hi Nadia how r u no ur not to late send me a email talk soon

                                          •  Wendy #47477

                                              Hi Rasa how r u I can’t find ur email address if u can’t see mine give me a email ok talk soon

                                              •  Rasa #47484

                                                  Hi Wendy, sorry was travelling with work. I need to figure out how to post my e-mail address here (I thought I did ha ha).


                                              •  Nadia #47479

                                                  Wendy how r u?
                                                  Thanks you so much for your answer.
                                                  I can’t find your email. I don’t know how to do it. I’m so sorry. Maybe you can send me one http://scr.im/3azt.
                                                  Thanks a lot.
                                                  I’m sorry.

                                                  Hace a nice day.

                                                •  wendy #47487

                                                    Hi here is mine Rasa http://scr.im/3b0j

                                                  •  Jude #47729

                                                      Hi ladies, my name is Brenda Jude (sorry d Brenda part didn’t appear in my name text) I’m 40, 3 kiddies, I’m originally from Dublin, now living in Kells in Meath & wud luv to meet up, I’m bout 40 mins from blanch, I shud say I’m unattached (separated), my number is 0872030488 if u ladies are organising a meet up I’d like to join u. Tanx.

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