32yr old Female looking to meet like minded people in Dublin…

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  •  Rachael #42550


      My name is Rachael, I’m 32, from Limerick and moved to South Dublin almost two years ago. All my long-term friends seem to have become very settled or are spread about Ireland and the world so my social life has been dwindling as of late. Have met loads of great people up here but I find we haven’t always had a lot in common so I’m really on the lookout for new genuine friends who are into the same kind of stuff as myself…especially hitting the town for some fun and dancing at the weekend!

      For going out I enjoy anywhere with good tunes and good vibes, both are musts. So far I’ve been hanging out in the likes of The Twisted Pepper, Grand Social, Sweeneys, Button Factory, Odessa Club, Bernard Shaw, Pygmalion (to name a few) though always up for a laugh and trying new places…and things! Suggestions welcome…

      Of course it’s not all about the nightlife; I also really love art, cultural stuff, anything creative or crafty (make my own jewellery, do a lot of origami etc.), going for tea/bit of banter, eating out in nice restaurants, cooking, cinema/tv, reading, shopping, travelling (I go away a good bit for work)…currently trying to teach myself some photography and about to buy a car so looking forward to day trips around Ireland to find scenic and interesting/quirky places.

      Hit me up if this sounds like your scene and we can chat! Look forward to hearing from you 🙂

    •  FancyPants #42551

        Madame, you have ridiculously good taste in clubs/pubs. I salute you.

        •  Rachael #42553

            Why thank you FancyPants, we obviously have impeccable together! Here’s my mail [email protected] com …. give me a shout if you’re up for chats ….

        •  Caroline #42554

            Hi Rachael!

            I’m 26 from Dublin. In a similar situation & looking to meet new genuine friends. email me for a chat 😉 my email is http://scr.im/2yvi

          •  Daniel #42563

              Hey girls I’m new around Dublin and would be happy to have new friends, feel free to contact me http://scr.im/2y8o

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