35 here recently moved to carrick

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  •  Daftdavey #53033

      Just looking for friends for coffee or drinks sometime even cinema , originally from cork/Limerick …. I’m gay so I hope that’s not a problem again it’s just mates to hang with πŸ™‚

    •  Wex27 #53104

        Hi 27 year old male

        •  Daftdavey #53105

            Hey man how are you?

            •  Wex27 #53108

                All good man just chilling and you?

                •  Daftdavey #53109

                    Just back up home in Carrick after a nice 3hour long drive lol bit tired but otherwise fine πŸ™‚ so where u based

            •  Wex27 #53110

                Oh ya poor thing 😜 I’m in wexford you in carrick Waterford??

                •  Daftdavey #53111

                    Nope lol Carrick on Shannon in Leitrim lol 😂 used to be down in Limerick

                •  Wex27 #53112

                    Oh lol what’s you email

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