37 year old woman looking for female friends in MULLINGAR

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  •  Anonymous #54892

      37, just relocated to Mullingar and would love to make some friends in the area for dinners, drinks, walks, movies etc 🙂

    •  orlagh #54893

        Hi Jenny,
        I’m actually from Dublin and have very similar interests as you. Be lovely to meet up sometime for walks, movies and drinks out.

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        •  Anonymous #54895

            Hiya Orlagh
            thanks for your message, someone who likes what i like….great im delighted 🙂
            do you fancy going for a drink and a chat some weekend?

            •  orlagh #54896

                Hi Jenny, Great to hear back from you. Would love to meet up for a chat and drinks. What is your email address? so we can chat properly and then exchange phone numbers if you like.

              •  orlagh #54897

                  Hi Jenny, Good to hear from you. A drink and a chat sounds good. What is your email address so we can chat properly?

                  •  Anonymous #54898

                      hi orlagh… sorry for my late response i was away over the weekend.

                      good idea, its….. [email protected]

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