37 year old woman looking for female friends in MULLINGAR

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  •  Anonymous #54892

      37, just relocated to Mullingar and would love to make some friends in the area for dinners, drinks, walks, movies etc šŸ™‚

    •  orlagh #54893

        Hi Jenny,
        I’m actually from Dublin and have very similar interests as you. Be lovely to meet up sometime for walks, movies and drinks out.

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        •  Anonymous #54895

            Hiya Orlagh
            thanks for your message, someone who likes what i like….great im delighted šŸ™‚
            do you fancy going for a drink and a chat some weekend?

            •  orlagh #54896

                Hi Jenny, Great to hear back from you. Would love to meet up for a chat and drinks. What is your email address? so we can chat properly and then exchange phone numbers if you like.

              •  orlagh #54897

                  Hi Jenny, Good to hear from you. A drink and a chat sounds good. What is your email address so we can chat properly?

                  •  Anonymous #54898

                      hi orlagh… sorry for my late response i was away over the weekend.

                      good idea, its….. [email protected]

              •  SJ217655 #54905

                  Iā€™m Sarita Iā€™m not new to the area have lived near Castlepollard for just over 6 years but quite shy and with a family and people being clicky I find it very hard to put myself out there. Would love to make some new friends just to have to chat and go out the odd time. Hope to hear from you.

                •  orlagh #54916

                    Hi Sarita, How are you? I’m based in Dublin if you would like to meet up sometime for coffee

                  •  Tuns #54923

                      yeah we can meet up. let me know

                    •  [email protected] #54936

                        Hey šŸ™‚ Iā€™m Trish. In mid 30s. Looking to make new friends too. Let me know if anyone is free to meet for coffee and chat . Thanks šŸ™‚

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