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  •  Sarah28 #52576

      I am french 45 yo living in couple in Dublin for 10 years (not New in Town at all…). Looking for new friends, likely women. I am passionated by japanese culture, I like painting, music, cinema, gardenning, walking, cooking, pets and lot more. I would be very happy to meet people who share the same. Not interested in anything elses but friendship. Thank you to be indulgent with my english 😉

    •  Hulahoops #52901

        Hi Sarah. What part of Dublin do you live in? A bientot, Nicci

      •  sun_shine #53550

          Hi Sarah,

          If you are still looking for new friends give me a shout. I am in my early forties (female, just to clarify :D) and based in Dublin South.

        •  san84 #53570

            Bonsoir Sarah,

            I am French too ! and moving to Dublin in a few days. Here is my email: [email protected]

            San x

          •  Sofine #53666

              Hi Sarah

              I’m not French! But happy to indulge you.
              I’m 42, married, and just looking to increase my female circle.

              We might have a few things in common


            •  Lebrandon #54012

                Hi Sarah,

                I’m 42 (female!) and I am going to move to Dublin in late August. I’m brazilian, and I was selected for a fellowship in Trinity College (I teach in a brazilian university) . I liked your add, I’m looking for friends too. I know it’s a bit early but perhaps we can be in touch if you are still looking for friends. I will be happy to meet you when I am in Dublin!


              •  HDude #54090

                  Hello Sarah,

                  I know it has been more than a year. Let me know if you are still looking for friends. University is on break and I could do with learning french while we hang out in art galleries, music and cinema events. I can send you my email if you want x

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