52 yr old female living in Dublin looking to make friends

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  •  when #54527

      Hoping to make pals to go to the cinema and to eat out even go on walks or have chats miss company im 100 per cent straight

    •  MailDub #54532

        hi how are you may be we can meet for chat? i am 52 and living in dublin 100 % straight as well!

        •  when #54536

            awh thanks for answering be delighted to meet

          •  when #54537

              trying to reply be delighted to become friends

          •  Orlagh #54725

              Hi When, What is your email address? Maybe we can have a chat. Similar interests also.

            •  brenda2929 #54726

                My name is Brenda and living in lusk my email is [email protected]
                would love to hear from you and maybe meet for coffee
                I am straight female
                Have great day

                •  Ross Williams #54798

                    Hi Brenda and friends,
                    I am a 45 year old guy looking to meet new people in Dublin and surrounds to get out and about and have people to chat with and do things with.
                    Would be great to meet up, if you would like?

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