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  •  s #45899

      Hi I am 22 female just looking for girls to talk to have a friendship with. I feel like I use to have so many friends years ago and now I have about four if that.

    •  Ewa #45973

        I am 27yo female renting an apartment in Dublin 1.
        I am new to Dublin started a job in here more then a month ago (I work as data analyst in insurance company) and am struggling to make new friends.
        There are plenty of meet-ups organized in here but it is bit hard to find regular buddies
        Contact me via echajdys at

      •  Laura #45994

          Hi, I’m Laura, I’m 21, 22 in September. I’m same boat as you, through the years jobs, college, not being in the same town has separated me from a lot of my friends. I’ve been living in Dublin for since September finding it hard to meet and make new friends in and around the same age as me. I’m on placement during the week but free in the evenings and most weekend to chat, cinema etc,

          •  Hannah #46012

              Hi! I’m 22 as well and I’m here for a few months doing an internship (I’m from the US) and would love to make new friends and go do fun things 🙂 I’m free during the evenings and on weekends, and I have a lot of free time this upcoming week.

          •  Em #46013

              I have the same problem. I’m new and alone in this big city (I moved recently) and it can be so damn lonely. Would love to meet some new people and hopefully make some friends. I’m 20 years old and a student, living in South Dublin. I’m really open and like to do fun things or just go for a coffee and talk. Pretty normal I guess. Do contact me if you feel the same. 🙂

            •  Dee #46162

                Hey all,

                I’m Dee, 27 and from Wicklow, so close enough to Dublin. Just looking to make some new friends as I don’t know anyone in my nearest town, I didn’t go to school/college/work in that area so don’t know anyone here. A lot of my friends are traveling, live away etc. I’m originally from South Dublin and Dublin is handy to get to for meet ups etc. So if anyone is interested in hanging out some time you can send me an email 🙂 🙂

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