Alone in Cork

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  •  Neita #53672

      Hi, im nearly 20 years old girl, working as au pair now. It’s so difficult to find friends like this, so im trying it here. Anybody around 20 with a bit of time for talk or coffee?
      Please contact me on [email protected]

    •  hannah712 #53710

        Hi, my name is Hannah. I am alone here in cork as well as a student and I am new to here. Should we contact each other? my email is [email protected]. Thanks very much and hope to hear from you soon

      •  lindsayx #53799

          Hi Janet don’t know whether you’ll see this. I’m Lindsay i’m 20, also a student but only moved here this year so would love to get to know new people my age 🙂 i’ve sent you an email!

        •  Lina_look #54440

            Hi! Are any of you still looking for friends? I just moved to area of Cork and it’s so hard to make friends! Hope to get a reply from anyone 🙂

            •  Kei-cork #54441

                Hi there. Welcome to Cork.I am a cork native and always looking to expand my small circle of friends. I love local history and have a good knowledge of the sites and interesting places nearby. I even visit alone in my car.

            •  Jimmy1992white #54448

                Hey there

                I’m Jimmy 27 also a student, I just moved to cork for college/ job. If you ever wanna do a social meet my email is [email protected]

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