American Girl in Dublin!

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  •  Katie #44077

      Hey everyone!

      My name is Katie. I have just moved to Dublin from NYC with my boyfriend and am looking to meet some new people. I love to cook, run, drink wine, sift through vintage shops, watch movies, and go on adventures! Reach out if you want to grab a coffee or a glass of wine sometime!



    •  Laura #44092

        Hi Katie,

        Welcome to Dublin! I’m Laura from Dublin, living in County Meath, but am in Dublin often. My boyfriend lives in Belfast and I’d love to make new friends! I too like wine, music, shopping, having fun, yoga & being spontaneous. Would like to meet for a coffee if you like! 🙂


      •  Emilia #44095

          Hi I’m Emilia I see we kind of like those same things I would like to grab coffee or wine this is my email

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