American Writer Seeking Killarney Native

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  •  Taylor #53044

      Hello everyone! I’m Taylor, or Tate. I’m an aspiring American novelist and I’m looking to get in touch with a Killarney native. I realize this sounds rather specific.

      Five years ago, I had the pleasure of touring around southern Ireland, and determined that if I were ever given the chance to come back, I would spend my whole vacation- if not the rest of my life- in Killarney.

      Since my incredible trip, I’ve found a passion for writing short stories and have decided that I’d like to write a novel based in and around Killarney. Unfortunately I won’t be able to make my next trip for quite a while, so I’m hoping to glean the essence of the area through the eyes of an enthusiastic native.

      If you’re interested, I would be incredibly grateful for the chance to make friends. You are the topic of my interest, so if you’re looking for someone who just wants to listen, I’m your girl!

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