Americans Coming to Ireland in Feb. 2016

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  •  Genii Yale #46686

      Hello Beautiful People of Ireland!

      My name is Genii Yale and I am an American from Los Angeles, California by way of Vass, North Carolina. My family ((Husband – Rusty and Daughters – Adria (15yrs) and Maya (13yrs)) and I are coming to visit your beautiful country in February 2016. It has been a dream of mine since I was a little girl to come to Ireland! We would love to meet local people that may be able to assist us in having the best time of our lives while we are there! We are definitely going to be visiting Dublin and Cork and open to other suggestions from you natives! We want to know where all the local favorites are in the way of restaurants, pubs, cafés and shops, as well as all the landmark attractions and must sees. Any suggestions on cost effective places to stay while there, would be very much appreciated!

      Hope to make friends and have a memorable experience!

      Can’t wait to hear from y’all!


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