An American looking to make friends in Ireland

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  •  Anonymous #52363

      Hi! My name is Marissa I’m American and live in Arizona. Although I do not live in Ireland I have great admiration for your culture and country. I like to travel, write and practice photography. I’m looking to make friends in Ireland as I will be visiting this summer and would like to learn more about Ireland before visiting and I’d like to remain friends. I have a dream of living there one day.

    •  rishab0720 #52365

        Dear Marissa,

        Nice to hear that you are visiting Ireland and plan to move to also sometime.
        I have moved to Dublin, Ireland sometime back and always intersted in making new friends, sharing experiences and fun monents.
        I am crazy about travelling, reading and movie buff. And a bit of foody as well.
        It will be nice to get connected with you.
        revert back on [email protected] and will be happy to be in touch.

        takre care. Happy St. Patrick’s day.. 😉

        •  Anonymous #52368

            Thank you for responding and Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you too!

            I’ll send you an email!

            •  rishab0720 #52381

                Hey hi Marissa,

                I replied to your email.. 🙂

            •  Jimmy75 #52415


                I’d be interested in swapping info on ireland for your knowledge of Arizona and the US!

                •  Anonymous #52420

                    Hi Jimmy,

                    You’ve got a deal! I’d love to exchange information with you.


                    •  Jimmy75 #52424

                        Great!! Let me know how to get in touch?!

                      •  Anonymous #52427

                          Hi Jimmy,

                          We can email unless you want to Instagram or use another app to communicate. Let me know…In the meantime my email address is [email protected] . Do you have an email address? I have a couple of pictures to send you of a place that I like to hike near my home.

                          Chat soon!

                  •  Jennifer #52375

                      Hi Marissa,

                      I’d be more than happy to connect with you! If you want to add me on Instagram Jenndolldublin is my user name and we can chat 🙂

                    •  girls time #52377

                        Hi guys id like to join you guys too if there Is space. Email me on [email protected]

                        •  Anonymous #52387

                            Of course there’s room! Where are you from?

                          •  Anonymous #52428

                              Hi Prema,

                              Where are you from? you can email me at [email protected]


                          •  Jlo #52831

                              Hi there When u coming to Ireland what part u visiting

                            •  Sophie Zoe #52973

                                Hi Marissa what part of Ireland are you visiting? I’m from the Wexford area and would love to meet new people! I also love travelling, reading and exploring! 🙂

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