any couple/married ppls in their 30s?

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      Hi everybody
      We are married couple living in Ireland for past 8years. Many of our friends moved back to their countries or moved out from Dublin so we try to meet new nice and genuine people.
      Drop us a line if interested

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        hope youโ€™re well
        we are in the same situation, early thirties and have been in Ireland for about 4 years, would like to meet some new friends! are you in Dublin?

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          Hi there
          Yes we live and work in Dublin, few minutes from city centre. What about you guys?
          Do you have children?


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              Hi again,
              sorry for late answer, but this site blocked me from replying! as we mistyped the email address maybe! we live close from Parnell Street Dublin 1 and nope we dont have children yet but you never know ๐Ÿ™‚ What about you guys? Can we have your email address or number or FB something so we can talk more and meet just in case they blocked us again!

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              Yes we are also happy parents.
              Yes the email would be the best idea or we can swap viber or what’s up, however I don’t want to publish my ph in here.
              My (Mr’s) email is
              Stay in touch ๐Ÿ˜‰

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