Any Girls in My Situation? Let’s Chat :)

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      My name is Anne-Marie, I’m 28 and I’m from Québec, Canada. I will be moving to Ireland next year with my Irish husband to be. I know that we will be living in Drogheda (North Dublin).

      I am wondering if any girls on this web site are in the same situation than me and would like to share their experiences with me. I really think that having someone talk to who is an outsider just like me, will help me accepte the changes better. I know than I am not moving soon but I thought I could find a penpal or something :).

      I was wondering also if any Quebecois live in Ireland? If there is please give me a shout.

      Right, for those interested, I am a very normal girl, not bitchy, funny 🙂 who likes to have a few beers in a pub (sometimes too many!), go dancing, see a movie, traveling. I like dressing up and lookin good but I dont see myself as a really girly girl. I don’t like ppl that complain all the time and talk in other people backs :o). I guess I am clear haha

      Cheers and talk to you soon!


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