Any quality people in Dublin city centre?

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  •  Ewa #45937

      Hello everyone!

      I am 27 yo Polish female, new to Dublin, looking for face-to-face conversation and (maybe) skill exchange. Especially in Dublin 1 and 2 area. I consider myself to be quite proficient English user but I still feel a need to speak more and to spend more time with natives. I am looking for people who are willing to engage in demanding conversations and do something other than drinking a pint:-) I have university degrees in economics and in quantitative methods and I work as business/data analyst.

      In exchange, part from my exquisite company, I can offer helping you with issues from my area of expertise (from theoretical economics to Excel spreadsheets), Polish if anyone’s interested… bottle of good wine/vodka (? – no ideas). I have no gender preferences regarding future Dublin buddies. I do not state any age restrictions – but I count on your common sense. The only necessary condition is being English native speaker.

      As my job requires sitting in front of the computer for 8h/day I am not interested in chatting via skype and social sites.

      Contact me via echajdys at

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