anyone fancy a comedy gig on friday?

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  •  frank #44417

      Hi there, my names frank I’m 26 and from south dublin, iv been a chef for years and as a result have no social life and all my mates work in the industry so now that i have a 9/5 job i don’t know what to do with my weekends,guys or girls anyone that fancies meeting up and doing stuff (stuff rocks) or even lets get a group going what ever lets just have the craic, look forward to hearing back
      Regards frank.

    •  Stan #44419

        Hi Franck

        My name is Stan we are having a small party with friends tonite in The Doyle Pub, basically it’s just for fun, dancing and mostly get to know new people. It’s various nationalities and people are very friendly, you definitely won’t feel alone :).

        Here is my mail see you tonight mate


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