Athlone – New friends.

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  •  JojoMooney #52706

      I am 25 year old. Most my friends have gone travelling, moved away or spending time with their boyfriends. Am so bored of staying in every weekend. Some new friends would be great.

    •  Ammie #52714

        Hey there, would be up for meeting up… Get in touch… 🙂

        •  jessica #53374

            Hey there, I know this is an old post but just wondering if you girls are still around? Drop me an email on [email protected] or text me on 0894574171:)

        •  Quaker #53387

            Hey JoJo, I’m John and will be 27 soon. I’m from Offaly Geashill so not to far. I’m too in the same boat as you all my friends are either in Canada or aos and the rest have just moved. I’m fed up not doing anything or just going out. So if you want to chat and get to no one and other let me know thanks

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