Austrian girl, 24 – would need girls to hang out

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  •  Carli92 #52730

      Hello my name is Catharina I am 24 and I moved last week with my boyfriend from Austria to Dublin. I am person which loves to spend times with my friends and go out on the weekend as well as meeting for a coffee etc. so If anybody would like to got out or just hang out please contact me ;D

    •  Faizan #52744

        Hi Catharina,

        I am 24 too… feel free to text me +353899607057

      •  ccullenc #52752

          Hi I’m interested in the same things If your interested in having a coffee pm me or I can send you my number

        •  Sogirly #52777

            Hey! I’m 24 too 🙂 Just moved to Dublin, have enough male friends so really looking for some girlfriends to go out, have chats etc!

          •  nikky #52793

              Hi Catharina,

              I’m 22 looking for some girl pals to hang out with and go out with. My email is [email protected]

            •  ollie88 #52886

                Hi Catharina,

                I’m 26 and am looking for some girl friends to hang out with in free time too. Would be great to get coffee sometime, reach me at [email protected]

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