Belfast to Dublin M1 Corridor

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      Hi All
      I first left Ireland in 1966 at the age of 16 and lived in London UK for 20 years then moved on to Japan and lived there for another 20 years . I moved back to Ireland about two years ago so you now know my age.

      Returning to Ireland was a great culture shock along with having to deal with the Habitual Residence Condition it has taken me two years to settle down and plan out a future for myself . I am now based in Dundalk and have an interest in setting up in my own business .

      I would like to meet and make friends from all cultures who are interested in business and who live along the M1 corridor from Belfast to Dublin . A group of people who are very interested in personal development, growing as people, in their personal and professional lives.

      Friends who are interested in , Business Building , Life Skills , Relationship Skills ,Wealth Building. For all of these things, we all need a mentor!
      Lets mentor each other – and in the process, make some real great friends!
      Let’s work together and make it happen!


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