Bitta Craic :)

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  •  Aisling #44676

      Well? wats da craic? 🙂 Im lookin for a few sound people to chat to get to know and even meet up with for a bitta craic 🙂 Im 20 years old and want to try something different besides the same old rigmarole 🙂 I have had plenty of friends in my time and still have a few close ones but would love to get to know a few more people while the going is good 🙂 I love havin a few pints, chat, playing pool, cinema etc etc. Would love to meet up for a bitta banter and listen to a tune or 10 😛

      The Galway area is idea; whoever is local’ish ha … sure gimme a buzz if ye want a chat 🙂

    •  Anonymous #44722

        hi you seem like a bit of a laugh my email is

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