Broadening horizons! Mid 20s, Looking for fun people to meet

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  •  Danny #49608

      Hi, I’m Danny. I’m a writer based in Dublin, quite keen on coffee, drinks and hill walking. Its been a while since I’ve been sociable outside of my hometown friends and I think its time to change that. If people are available, I’d love to meet up and find out more about you! :]

    •  Jay #49609

        Hi Danny, how’s things?

        I’m 31 ( hope age doesn’t bother you)? Lol from Dublin.

        Like drinks, cinema, coffee/eating out, walking etc. feel free to give me a shout if you want to go for a few pints/coffee

      •  Anna E #49613

          Hi Danny 🙂 I’m 23, just moved to Tallaght from Finland and I’m working here as an au pair, I’m trying to make new friends in the area and in the city, if you ever wanna go out for a drink, movies or anything, feel free to contact me, or you could add me on Facebook (Anna-Carmen Muniz Eloranta) and we could come up with something fun.

        •  Danny #49619

            Good to meet you! I’d be game for a group drink, if you are both up for it and whoever else is game to reply in this section.

          •  Jay #49642

              Hi Danny,

              Yeah i be up for the group drink(s) anytime. My email is already on the thread here
              regarding details for when you’ll like to arrange meeting up.

            •  Katie Louise #49898

                Hi, I’m Katie. I’m based in Dublin, love coffee, drinks and reading books. If people are available, I’d love to chat and find out more about you! :]


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