Caribbeans in Ireland

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      Hi all, I posted here last year sometime when I was thinking of moving to Ireland. Had a few delays but will now be moving in November of this year, thankfully! 2 options in mind, Dublin or Cork, prefer Dublin but have heard its expensive.

      Is there anywhere say just outside Dublin but with very good transport links,within easy reach of town centre, where it would be much cheaper to rent accommodation? Decentish area with no trouble, safe to walk the streets etc ..although it cant be any worse than certain areas of London right now…

      Same questions for Cork too.

      Couple of other questions: whats the best way for a couple to find reasonably priced accommodation..go thru a letting agent, or try to do it ourselves?

      Re. the ‘Caribbeans in Ireland’ heading, am easy going happy to live amongst anybody, but would be nice to have a taste of home sometimes ie Caribbean club nights, restaurants if anybody who got in touch before still visits this site, do say hi again, thanks!

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