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  •  carlowmother #52373

      i am 41 year mum of 2 looking for female friends to meet up for chats, movies & some shopping

    •  star #52393

        hi, im a mum 2, yes wld like to meet do go out and enjoy the day .

      •  carlowmother #52409

          Hi Star
          that sounds great.
          i work must days. what suits you for meeting up?

          •  star #52410

              Hi carlowmum,actually u better tell me cus ur working ,let me know what date suits u to have cup of coffee at costa ? Or else 😁To meet up as a start 😜

              •  carlowmother #52417

                  Hi Star
                  Usually free Thursday mornings or the weekends?
                  How does next week sound to you?

                  •  star #52423

                      Hi carlow mum,sounds good,next thursday ? 10 am costa cross wodiess ? My girls in school ? Can u make it?

              •  carlowmother #52429

                  Thats perfect. My boys will be in school too.
                  Meet you outside Costa

                  •  star #52430

                      Ok ,see you soon ☕️

                  •  carlowmother #52434

                      see u then

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