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  •  galway #52267

      Would like to hang out with males or females in their thirties, forties. Any social events that come to mind. Only PM me if you are genuinely interested in this post.

    •  Ronkey #52279

        Hey there- early 40s male here who is new to Galway and needs a social outlet other than work. I’m up for a chat and a laugh.

        •  galway #52284

            Hi Ronkey (unusual name, never came across)

            I agree, more social outlets needed for guys and gals.

            •  Ronkey #52288

                Just a nickname I was called once by a good friend – real name Ciaran but that username was taken

                •  girls time #52296

                    Hi, Ronkey and Galway. I am moving to galway next month. In relationship, I am from mauritius. Looking to make new friends for social, holidays and coffee. My fiancer has lots of friends and they are my friends too now.

                    But i like my own friends too 😀

                    Pm or email if interested.

                  •  galway #52301

                      Oh right. Hi Ciaran.

                    •  gal2017 #52449


                        Looking to add to my new friends in Galway. Men and women in their 30s and 40s. Reply only please, if you like free flowing conversation on this, email etc which leads to socialising!

                •  Mell #52467

                    Hi amenlda here
                    Looking to make new Saturday & Sunday day & nights for to meet in Galway 😊

                    •  gal2017 #52474

                        Hi Amenlda

                        That is what it is all about. You sent your reply to my last post. Brenda

                    •  Fin #52477

                        Hey how are you doing? Anyone want to go out for a drink?

                        •  gal2017 #52504

                            Hi Fin

                            Planning to go out Sat. If you want to leave an e-mail add to arrange with us.

                        •  Mell #52515

                            Hi yes I love to meet more people to socialise with.are you on the Galway watt app to chat?

                            •  gal2017 #52519

                                Not at the moment no. We are going out tonight. If you are in Galway city. If you want to leave your e-mail (even a temp one).. Or could arrange for another time.☺

                            •  Ammie #52564

                                Any ladies like to go for few drinks this Saturday night….

                                •  gal2017 #52571

                                    Hi Ammie
                                    I’m unable this time. Could arrange for another weekend. Brenda

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                                •  Ammie #52685

                                    Sorry Brenda I couldn’t dm you. :/ Would be a handy feature but don’t think ya can! :/

                                    Anyone like to go for drinks this long weekend?!? 😀 🙂

                                    •  gal2017 #52711

                                        Hi Ammie

                                        No there doesn’t seem to be a feature for that. I could give you a temp email address [email protected]

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