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  •  Laura #50048

      Anyone know a contact email for admin at newtotown please? Contact form isn’t working, there’s no details.

    •  Cormac #50053

        Hi Laura,
        the contact form should be working now. Not sure what caused it to go down. It’s still looking a bit dodgy, but it should be functional.

      •  Anonymous #50083

          Hi I’m unable to post under my new account I forgot my old registration details

        •  Anonymous #50086

            I created a new password think it’s okay now thanks

          •  Anonymous #50088

              Getting this error message now still unable to post on threads ive created a new password already

              ERROR: Duplicate reply detected; it looks as though you’ve already said that!

              •  Cormac #50098

                  I don’t know what could be causing that – did you previously use your facebook login? I can delete any accounts associated with you, that might fix it, but you’d then need to re-register.

              •  Laura #50093

                  Hi Cormac

                  Sorry but the contact page still isn’t working.
                  Is there a contact email that I can write to please?


                  •  Cormac #50097

                      Hi Laura,
                      Can you try the form now please.

                      •  Laura #50099

                          No its still not working. Can you send me an email address to contact please?

                          •  Cormac #50100

                              Sorry. It’s definitely working now. But you can email info@ if you want.

                      •  Anonymous #50159

                          If you can delete all my accounts I’ll register again a new one I didn’t use a Facebook login I set up an account before

                        •  Anonymous #50160

                            Hi my page doesn’t seem to be working either 😕

                          •  Cormac #50161

                              Karen P and Livvy, I’ve deleted both of your accounts, as requested, so you will need to re-register

                            •  Anonymous #50189

                                Hi Cormac,

                                Can you also delete my account as I have the same problem. Will create a new one.


                              •  Anonymous #52292

                                  Hi can you please delete my account?

                                •  Anonymous #52592

                                    Hi Can you please remove my profile picture and delete my account?

                                  •  Anonymous #54352

                                      Hi can you delete my account please
                                      contact page not working
                                      thank you

                                    •  Anonymous #54484

                                        Can you please delete my account, unable to find a contact page

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